I did send a tweet from the bath last night which was typed as ‘Hello I am tweeting with my nose’ unfortunately due to the phone’s
auto-correct it sent it as…

I lost 2 followers.




It was on BBC’s Have I got News for You这里

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  1. 你认为应该赢得这个网友奖!一只手指鼻子也需要在浴缸中导航!希望你赢。

  2. A great neck training tool!

    May be someone could write a Neck Exercise App to go with it(idea for an other Speed Creating project..) ?


  3. Clever, but please tell me that I’m not the only one who thought of “A Clockwork Orange” upon seeing that.

    1. You’re not. I posted an “Alex” comment on his blog before I read this one. Linked to it through Laughing Squid… Viddy well.

  4. 我在工作场所事故中失去了我的主导手,所以我在非正统的方式使用手持设备。这并没有看法很有用。事实上,我希望你不认为它是“艺术”,因为我认为它令人反感。

  5. No! Just no. If for no other reason than the miniscule chance you might die wearing that thing and leave future generations to wonder WTF you were doing.

  6. 匆忙和商标/专利并称之为“Pinocchio”!我需要我妻子的生日可用,请包括一套GINSU刀!

  7. Insanely ridiculous!!!
    What about using your thumb?


  8. 当您在双手购物袋时,ALSE可用于按下门组合锁上的数字键。

      1. rather than just put one of the bags down for 2 seconds, aye I completely agree! I would actually love to see this Just the thoughts of somebody wearing this all day, it warms the cockles of the heart..

  9. 如果我有其中一个,我想我会称之为pinocchi-鼻子。

    And, as the French say, “Eh! And what can you do with your ears?”

  10. If your hands are already full, you still have to stop and strap this thing on your head – which means you are not gaining anything. Unless you plan to wear it everyday, all day, for the rest of your life. Isn’t it just easier to keep a towel next to the bath-tub? No sensible person would ever wear this.

  11. In a word, ‘Undeveloped’.

    有很多未使用的储存空间的鼻孔和旋钮。但我将其重新设计为眼镜的插件。锚定在其中一个武器中,更多的溪流排列,更不太可能让别人在佩戴者上挑战佩戴者,从Cyrano de Bergerac的报价。

  12. 最后。但我想知道你是否会考虑设计用于设备的颈部支架/支架吗?这样,你可以自由地掌握 - 真的。如果有耳钩附件,它可用于调节音量甚至是一个小型迷你锤子,就在电源切割的情况下。

  13. My daughter who does not have the use of her hands (due to cerebral palsy) would love this! Not sure if it would be really accurate or useful long term but what great fun!


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